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No Game, No Life | Light Novel [Indonesia]. gonddetheppolad.ga13th / undefined 26 Light Novel (JP). Genre: Adventure Download PDF/EPUB Official Yen Press English . Novel Novel No Game No Life Bahasa Indonesia. ID Qidian. Online. Apr No Game No Life 1: It Seems Gamer Siblings Will Conquer a Fantasy World. In This Fantasy World, Everything's a Game--and These Gamer.

Her brother Her brother that was more important than anyone else, the time spent with him After this stepeverything would fall into nothingness. Although those memories of her brother may be fake, everything he had said to her flashed past Shiro's mind.

At the same time, Shiro movedafter some considerations. Jibril closed her eyes, and quietly mumbled: " Master, why do you Want to win? Jibril questioned her mentality, and the response was an extremely weak voice. However, the voice had courage, enough to force Jibril and Steph to take a step back. In the dimly-lit room, the sound was accompanied with a choking noise. Pulling back the blanket, Shiro with tears flowing down her cheeks started to think about her brother. Remembering about that day, after she came home crying after the first day of school, the words that her brother said.

Shiro, is it real if someone says that changing is possible? If you strongly hope to fly, would you be able to grow wings? I don't think so. What you change isn't yourself, you just have to find the means to fly isn't it? The only way is to create, formulate ideas to soar into the sky. You might want to say, why am I babbling about things even though I can't fly But we should take this slowly, and think of a way to allow Shiro to soar with wings Although I'm a useless brother, I will think with you.

How could she live on if she forgot about those words? The memories about her brother was her [Reason for existence], what could she do if she sealed her memories about her brother? If these were really implanted memories, then she must have really lost a brutal game. Such a thingwas too cruel! To forget about my brotherI'd be better off dead!!

This was a proposal from Jibril to prevent her from collapsing. With this rejection, Jibril was stunned speechless. Jibril silently lowered her head, while Steph who was trembling opened her mouth. Although I'm not so sure She just wanted to comfort Shiroand blurted out her idea. Then, if the fact that Shiro turned like this since he isn't here, doesn't that mean thathe indeed exists.

Only Steph was unaware of this. Jibril and Shiro widened their eyes and stopped moving, as if time stopped. Perhaps she didn't understand the meaning behind Shiro's stare, Steph continued stammeringly: "So, soooothe possibility of the memories being tampered with were not caused by the [Oaths], but the influence of the game?

Just like what Shiro said, if only our memories were tampered with, then The person called Sora got all of our consent and started the game, and the game Steph was the type of person to say something without any prior thoughts. Steph's speculation was filled with loopholes. No matter if the [Oaths] could actually cause such a massive change to happen Or eliminate everything related to a person, except the representative Shiro could've refused the game.

This was all incomprehensible. But if Steph's hypothesis is correct, then a more worrisome question would surface, an indisputable fact. ThatElchea's king, Imanity's king, her own master who defeated god, subjugated The Flgel, and will even partake in the upcoming annexation of the Eastern Union To have this sort of thinking was something unheard of from her. If Steph's hypothesis was true, then this incomprehensible situation wasn't caused by the enemy. It was a situation caused to ensure victory?

However, what if" this was something that could only be accomplished with the harshest conditions. For me to have such thoughts of winning against Master, is an act that is simply unforgivable. I'm willing to accept any punishment, howeverI require some time first. The air filled the space caused by mass transfer, leaving only a breeze.

Steph who was left alone didn't know how to react, but she still faced the door and said: "Ah, guu Shiro, Shiro Are you okay? However, at this time, Shiro's heart had completely tuned out everything else. With that possibility present, her formerly frozen thoughts re-activated to start the rapid processing.

Soraher brother's existence, in order to turn that into definitive proof, she has to dig through its [Roots] first. Erecting her heavy body on the bed, she staggered to the center of the room. Her moist ruby eyes were usually in a half-open state. However, this time they were wide open, surveying the entire room.

While rapidly processing her thoughts, she glanced around the room, not letting even a speck of dust go unnoticed.

If Nii If the hypothesis was true, then this situation was what her brother had plotted. The reason for his actionsit was possible if she could read her brother's thoughts, but Shiro felt that she could never reach that kind of level, yet she has to interpret his thoughts?

Impossible, Shiro knew she couldn't do it. However, it was obvious what her brother was doing, as he clearly left a trail. Whyfor her to not have noticed it, Shiro couldn't help but pull her hair. I'm so How could I be so stupid! Panicking so easily, how could she live up to the expectation as her [Brother's proud sister]. Only a fragment of some memories disappeared. How could I Her brother believed and entrusted this [situation] to hershe must finish the job.

Her head gave a command to take in more oxygen while Shiro's small heart responded quickly to the rapid intake. Paperback 20 December Paperback 22 March Paperback 27 October Paperback 21 July Free Shipping.

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Rp , Rp , Manabeshima Island Japan Adulthood Is a Myth: Moe Manifesto: An Insider On one side, there are people who think the world is so simple even children can understand it. On one side, there are people who think the world is so complex and strange, its meaningless since itll never be understood. On one side, there are people who think the world hasnt changed and will never change.

On one side, there are people who think the world keeps changing and is trying to change even now. Both in the past and in the present, too, it was true for the people, machines, beastsgods Was it truly only one of them or could it be that Tet covered his face, as if to answer all and every question. He thought, alone, about the fact that makes everyone skepticalas if complaining it wasnt a lie. On that really, really distant day, the world really changed, you know.

Turning the heavens and the earth into a game board, the laws into rules certainly, it changed. But, even if the heavens and earth change, there are things that wont change, that shouldnt be changed. You guys will change it, right!? You will overturn everything until you come here, right!? Surely thatwill be pushy, maybe even a nuisance, while asking no questions. Dragging around everything, with a method just like that of the worst kind of ill-mannered child No matter who it ishe will surely be cornered to the point where he has no choice but to change.

At that time. Finally, the world above the board will start in its true meaning. Surely an interesting game ever since the creation of the universehas finally started.

Tet lowered his legs and crossed it, while waiting from the depths of his heart for the moment itll get recorded in past tense, just like that. You too, Im looking forward to calling you by your name the next time we meet, alright?

The only one in this world.

Tet knew what the one distorting the world in front of his eyesthe [Quintessence] Miko harbored had said. He simply gazed at the enormously constructed game board which shook the heavens and the earth.

He deeply gazed at it as if to not let a single hand and foot movement from the ones reaching the Newest Myth escape g a m e And, no matter what match you are observing, you should cheer for them, right? Cheering for your favorite player is good, but, its also hard to throw away a surprising upset. Who should I cheer forThough, the Sole God pondered like that, he soon raised his face.

Sora opened his eyes at the words that pierced through his slumber. Raising his body as if detaching it from the ground, his eyes wavered dreamily, due to not being fully awake Haha, now this is a splendid situation discernment even for myself, Sora laughed while praising himself. After taking a quivering look around, with just that single glance he uncoveredtwo problems. Sora thought with his head completely calm, categorizing it in order of severity to priority.

The [First Problem] was a matter of concern. It was about the matter of there was an incredibly cute girl in the wandering gaze earlier. Sitting atop of a floating ink pot the size of their height while supporting their cheeks wasa young girl. Dressed in elegant, oriental clothingthough with a different style from the Eastern Unions, she was holding a paint brush in her hands. With countless scrolls spread on her back like wings or a veil, she looked down with her silver-colored eyesno.

As if she was a puppetbut, Sora almost had his eyes forcibly stolen by that god-like beauty. For Sora, who had gotten tired of seeing only beautiful girls, this was a serious matter of concern. Youre completely right if you say what the hell are you saying, even though youre just a virgin! D i s b o a r d Each and every single girl Ive ever met since I came to this worldthey dont know moderation.

A princess that would lead idols to an inevitable public execution if they were to stand near her, an angel that would make top models sink into an inferiority complex, a young girl with animal ears thats awakening to her loli attribute as an assist for a one-way arrest route for criminalsbe it this one or that one, theyre all like that.

Im still updating my history of being without a girlfriend, though! Thats why for the current Sora, whos just used to women, a mere bishoujo wont be enough to distress him. Noticing it concerned the next problem, Sora decided to think about that one for now. That being said, the [Second Problem] wasnt much of a problem. After all, it was something that would be solved when askedIn other words. Where is this, who is this girl, and what am I doing here?

Sora reflected on the priority of the problems while clenching his teeth. Its wrong, right! Normally, you would think about this one first!! What was that about incredible situation discernment, you fool!! Mm Nii? Where is this? S h i r o After looking up at the sunset, Sora heard Number One-san murmuring with sleepy eyes. Letting out a small hmm, he looked around the surroundings again. Just like them, those down on the ground were waking up successively. Jibril, Steph, Plum, Izuna, Ino But, after seeing them all look around with troubled facesSora confirmed it once more.

It seems the [Second Problem] wont be solved even if he asked someone. Taking Shiros hand and helping her up, he looked over at [Provisional Number Two-san] before him. Even if he didnt know who she was, it was obvious what she was. That fear of suffering an unnatural death, like facing a heavy caliber gun, like from the time he first met Jibril. But, there wasnt even that in the girl floating before him.

Sora thought people must become like this when faced with things like tornadoes and tsunamis. There wasnt any despair nor the fear of death. There was only daze and simply[resignation]. It didnt even allow the thought of resisting, as the sensation coming from an existence embodying ones breath of t he wor ld This was a [god]. But, if thats it, then, its a simple story, right, Sora exaggeratedly said. Its inside the game!! What are you doing? You are playing the game!! That is all!

As for where this place is, its a place they knewthats right, its in the past tense. It was supposed to be within the Eastern Union, at the Temple of the Priestess Inner Gardenbut now, there were seven doors casually built there.

And if they look up above their heads, there was an enormous land floating as if to cover the sky. I see, theres no memories about starting that kind of game.

But, there are memories up to leaving Elkia to challenge the Old Deus. So, did the game with the Old Deus start with [memory deprivation] in the rules? Anyway, theres no problem. N-Not even once have I looked down upon Master, but, isnt it about time to remember dread Its incredible how you can remain nonchalant in front of an Old Deus Where does that confidence come from?

An iridescent voice flew towards Sora, who frolicked like a child in a typhoon, but he was smiling bitterly.

Spis treĊ›ci

A transcendental existence beyond the understanding of a mere human, surpassing both despair and fear!! Uwah, what a fearsome thing!! But, going by the mere human that was Sorahe couldnt feel anything.

What would a native from Earth do when facing natural calamities like tornadoes and tsunamis? Take out a cell phone to take a photo and spread it on the net, like a duty. As such, Sora approached Provisional Number Two-san, aiming for a low-angle shot of the one estimated to be a god But the Old Deus, who didnt even say one word and just moved the brush with eyes reflecting nothing, spoke.

Download Light Novel No Game No Life bahasa indonesia

Indifferently, emotionlessly, lifelessly, as if to simply confirm. Game Start Condition One: The challengers memories from the past twenty-four hoursCollection, confirmed.

At the words affirming his guess, only Sora and Shiro gathered and laughed fearlessly. T h a t That god, just by floating in space, made even Jibril become pale. This non-standard existenceThis Old Deus, we challenged it to a game, they thought. And the [Starting Chip] was, in other words, twenty-four hours worth of memoriesit was this kind of situation. Soras chest was filled with expectation, excited by a worthy opponent, but Two. Provisional feethe commonly called [Miko]s lifeCollection, confirmed.

It will be considered as established by the Game Start conditions. All thoughts stopped after those words. It was concealed by the too overwhelming presence. Right below the Old Deus floating in space, they noticed a puppet lying on the built white, wooden steps. Ino let out a scream and ran, kicking from the ground as if to break it and Izuna followed after him.

The two of them lifted up the powerless and immobile Miko, continuously calling her but With the Werebeasts five senses, they shouldve already known even before running. If there was a breath in Mikos body, if there was a pulsationthey shouldve noticed it long since.

Thats why, it was just like the Old Deus saidHer [life] had been collected. It was unmistakably Mikos [remains]. Just what had happened? While Ino and Izunas backs were trembling, Sora desperately soothed his thoughts that were becoming a mess. Calm down. The memories are still fine, but, Mikos life was also a [starting chip]?

Theres no way such a condition would ever be accepted Did Miko, herself, wish for it? Or was it g a m e Now The [Sugoroku2] you have desiredFrom this moment on, itll be considered to have started and the r u l e s [regulations] will now be disclosed. With an expression seemingly holding not the slightest interest in themno, towards anything in the world.

S h e The Old Deus spoke indifferently, essentially lifelessly, with eyes releasing a cold shineNo. In the case the number of players moving together surpasses two people, an [Overall Number of Travel CompanionsAttendants]s worth of dice will be removed from the number of dice used.

If its not accomplished, then one die will be stolen from the Dice Holder instead. TheTaskmay, based on its contents, change the environment of the square in question.

The Old Deus in question has the obligation to fulfill all requests of the [Winner], within its range of rights. Directly into Sora and everyones brainsit was simply poured without question. Just what is going on! Seriously, just what the hell is up with this!! Hey, dont be lazy and explain it with your mouth even a god has one right or is it really that annoying?

Sora was talking lightly but, his face was dyed with an anxiety that couldnt be hidden. It wasnt just Sora, when the rules were poured into their brains, all who instantly understood reacted the same way. They looked at each others puzzled, apprehensive, and anxious faces andchests.

Thats right, chestAt the ten white cubes that had appeared near their chests at some point. As we throw the dice, theyll decrease by one, and the one that reaches the goal is victorious But, that means Become a game where the players kill each other!! Originally, words were the hand of creation.

Was it because she knew what Sora thought inside his heart or was it because she didnt knowor maybe, its because she didnt care. S h e The Old Deus answered Soras light talk with an unchanging cold gaze. With eyes as if looking down upon a small pebble rolling near their feet, disinterestedly and lifelessly, but If its a gods words, then know that its far too much for mere lower beings like yourselves.

Those eyes had certainly captured Sora and Shiros figures. As if seeing through the two of themor maybe something or someone existing deep inside.

No Game No Life, Vol. 7 (light novel)

Those eyes he saw for a moment for Sora, they looked familiar. An Old DeusThose familiar eyes were far too unbecoming for someone of the transcendental species, but You should learn the weight of your own wordsIf you have the wisdom for that, that is.

S h e It disappeared in an instant. The Old Deus simply pointed the brush in its hands to the sky. I await at the end.

Spend your predetermined life idly crawling on the groundthen, you may climb up. As if it was some kind of dream, like it didnt exist from the very beginning so easily. What was left were seven people including Sora, the seven doors, and Silence. Confusion, suspicion, impatience, maybe even rage had stagnated the place and was accumulating.

While gazes measuring each other were being exchanged, Sora bit his nails and once again questioned himself. Just what is going on!! Shiros voice was calling from behindbut, he couldnt even afford to answer. Sora was pouring down a lot of sweat as he scrutinized the rulesmany times, again and again Certainly, theres a lot of areas that feel like something is wrong, but, it was weird from the start, damn it!

Nii Hey Hey, Nii In this game, if you dont steal someone elses dice then its theoretically impossible to reach the goal.

If one person writes fifty squares, then the amount of squares will be [] plus the [rising squares]. But, if the number of dice decreases as theyre thrown then even if you keep getting sixthe limit will be []. Even more so when its a Prisoners Dilemma Theres no possible result besides stealing each others dice. Then, for starters!! Nii, if you keep ignoring Shiro if you dont answer then This was supposed to be [a game with an Old Deus as the opponent], rightand yet!

Why did it turn into a one where the Old Deus is a game master This development of making players kill each other is Shiro will put down panties and flip, skirt. He responded to the urgent situation that prevailed over any and all crisisThat is.

The interlude where the skirt obeyed gravityin that miraculous moment. He pressed the X button inside his brain without hesitation. And then Sora engraved the current scene deeply into his heart.

Wh-Wh-W-What are you doing so suddenly! Putting aside Steph, who let a scream resound an instant slower, hurriedly pulled up her underwear, and pressed down on her skirt. Sage Time Sora was playing back that Xanadu in a loop and didnt show signs of noticing it. Steph you finally stopped hiding your exhibitionist habit, huh? No, I dont mind it at all, you see?

S-She sneaked behind me and undressed me on her own, you know!? Its fine if you dont hide your heart, OK? Wait, wait, wait, wait!! Or rather. Why is Steph here? Saying why is she here after doing something like that is already bullying, isnt it!? She asserted with teary eyes, but Sora simply ignored it and turned around, looking back to the gazes directed at him in order.

Shiro, Jibril, Izuna, Inothen, Plum and. Nii, calmed down? Erm Shiro. Could it be that, Nii-chantook too long to notice? Sora let out a smile, snorting at himself, but Shiro returned it with a face not holding a single trace of nervousness. S o r a ' s Exposing the gameseeing Sora depressed for lagging behind his own field of expertise, Shiro said.

Shiro, too dont understand the situation but There wasnt anything she needed to worry about if it was within her brothers field of expertise. If its the usual Nii, then itll be fine so Saying that, Shiro held his hands and with that sensation Sora seriously reflected.

He was aware he was an idiot. Rather, he was even proud of it. Not only that, if it was about the degree of idiocy, then he was even proud no one could match him. This kind of me. Even if it was a situation like thatJust why did I let the blood rush Just why did I think about it so seriously?

RightSmiling bitterly at the situation he finally managed to get a grasp of, Sora turned straight to Steph. Erm I feel like I dont even need to ask, but, did you under Did not understand the rules!But these siblings don't play by the rules of the "crappy game" that is average society. A country embodying one end of that dreamof the absurd ideal that the girl once had in the past.

With your hand, instead of punching someoneitll be better to take their hands, such a [standard]. A After completing volume five, Kamiya was asked to submit volume six's manuscript before for the anime adaptation, and to complete the volume before the anime's premiere. Death Note: Erm Shiro.

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