Companion: Melee Tactics Toolbox. In this game, will we be using any optional combat rules, such as death from massive damage or performance combatUC?. Melee Tactics Toolbox is a player-focused manual that makes the most of PDF: Fulfilled immediately. Non-Mint: Unavailable. This product is non-mint. From publisher blurb: Look Your Enemies in the Eye! Get up close and personal with Melee Tactics Toolbox! The new tips, tricks, and tactics in this volume.

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Melee Tactics Toolbox. Estimated Release Date: 3/25/ Product Line: Player Companion Store Page: THIS ISA PDF FILE THAT WAS SCANNED FROM ORIGINAL BOOK. | site!. Read Download Pathfinder Player Companion: Melee Tactics Toolbox |PDF books PDF Free Download Here.

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No notes for slide. Epub Download Pathfinder Player Companion: Melee Tactics Toolbox For site 2. It's interesting that Sajan is holding a weapon.

One of the book's later sections goes to great pains to remind us that unarmed combat is melee combat as well, so I would have liked to have seen him fighting unarmed.

Calikangs don't have any damage resistance, so a good flurry of blows unchained or core would be a great attack on one of these beasts. But that's imputing game design on art. Art's job is too look cool.

And while I think it might have been fun to have Sajan flurrying away on the calikang, he and Jirelle who I hope has some sneak attack damage coming, swashbuckler or no look like the bad asses they are taking on this hulk.

In fact, much of the book's art is really good. It's not an action scene, but page sixteen illustrates all the various swords that exist in the game. It's very cool and helpful--the best quality in a gaming aide.

Page 27 also has a good picture of Lini holding what appears to be a spell siphoning sickle and ready to make trouble for anybody messing with her. Art is done!

On to content! Let's start with the inside covers, which come out as a wash. On the front inside cover are short single paragraph descriptions of fighting schools in Brevoy, Lastwall, Katapesh, and Absalom. The art attached is map-related and non-specific.

With the exception of the Tempering Hall, a warrior training academy on the Isle of Kortos specializing in training Iomedean Paladins but accepting all righteous warriors, all of these are better detailed on pages of Inner Sea Combat. I don't object to rehashing old content, but doing so ought to involve fleshing it out rather than abbreviating it.

Fortunately, the back inside cover more than makes up for its partner's failing. The back cover has a "Combat Options Overview. It's not the coolest thing in this book, but it is the page that will be most useful to the largest number of people. Okay, Boyd, so you like it. What's in it? First, they list just about every melee combat action a character can take, including ones from the hardback line like the Advanced Player's Guide. Each action is followed by a column for "type" and for "action.

Next, the opposite column gives the types of actions: This is awesome! The book is designed to cover melee combat writ large, but it specifically calls out Bloodragers, Cavaliers, Fighters, and Rogues as the classes that will get the most out of the book. That said, there's something for everyone.

There's an archetype for each called out class, but here are also 16 combat feats, 4 general fights, 2 new fighting styles with three feats each, and 4 teamwork feats.

There's also an explanation of feats on page 5 that details every type of feat and what that feat category means. Super useful for the novice to intermediate player. There are also new weapon and armor special abilities; bardic masterpieces; magic armors, weapons, and items; mundane equipment; and gasp! Different Types of Melee Combat.

Pathfinder RPG - Melee Tactics Toolbox

Armor-wearing combatants must balance protection and mobility. Let's take a brief look at each:. Close quarters fighting: It would be interesting to go and compare this advice with the advice for new players in the Strategy Guide. I'm guessing some overlap, but there's much more here! There are three interesting feats here, one of which I'd consider for my PFS fighter. Additionally, it doubles as Dodge for fulfilling the prerequisite of any other feat. Choose a single Str- or Dex-based skill in which you've got at least three ranks.

You reduce your armor penalty for using that skill by 3.

Archives of Nethys

If you've got 10 or more ranks, the penalty is reduced by 6. Finally, classes with armor training 2 aka fighter 7 or higher can use this with heavy armor too. Great feat! Unclear if this applies only to reach weapons or if it also applies to creatures with a natural reach, like large and larger creatures. Downside is that the feat requires both Dodge and Mobility as prerequisites. Leaping Evasion. Castellans manage castles, though this is more of a generic urban defender class.

You get some sweet bonuses when defending or fighting in urban areas.

All in all, it's a useful archetype. But, it breaks the archetype theme and goes back to the generic cavalier theme with its "Guard Companion" animal companion granted at level 4 companion functions as Druid level Mass Melee: This section provides support for when all Hell breaks loose. There's going to be at least one if these fights in every campaign and likely in every PFS scenario , so read up on the very useful general tactics before considering the feats, the bardic masterpiece, and the drill sergeant fighter archetype.

With 4 ranks in Perform percussion or wind he bard trades in a feat or spell known to pick up this masterpiece which uses a single bardic performance round per round, costs only a standard action to initiate, and is subject to Lingering Performance.

When the masterpiece is chosen, the bard selects a single Teamwork feat. Whenever the bard uses the masterpiece after that, all allies within 30 feet who are affected can that Teamwork feat. Finally, Paizo, you have found a way to make Teamwork feats useful for one more class!

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I like it too. The drill sergeant loses bravery in exchange for getting the cavalier tactician class feature. Weapon training does happen, but only for one group still advances though , he picks up the greater tactician feature at 9th level and at 13th level, all allies within 30 feet using weapons from the same weapon group get half the drill sergeant's weapon training bonus. Finally, at 17th level, the drill sergeant picks up the master tactician class feature.

Unarmed Combat: If you've thought your way through these issues, questionable how much you'll learn in this section. Could be fun to mix with monk in multiclass.

Gear here! I am gonna give one example of the good, break down the math and the tactics advice in this book. From page 18, introducing new melee weapons, "A wide threat range results in more frequent critical hits, which is especially useful when facing multiple weaker opponents or if you have critical feats or abilities that trigger on critical hits.

A high multiplier is better when facing fewer, more powerful opponents, as the additional damage is more effective against damage reduction and useful for abilities that trigger when you drop a foe, such as Cleaving Finish UC. My players would have found one early on.

The manople basically let's you be Wolverine and it's only a matter of time before someone makes a retractable set as a magic item.

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The book also places them in fighter weapon training groups. Next come some interesting, thoughnon-magical, items. First is the acrobat's pillar 50gp, 40 lbs.

The pillar is basically a tall pole with waving wooden arms that you try and dodge for practice. It's standard kit in the doorway to a room full of training ninjas trope and no heroes headquarters is complete without it.

That's quite a bonus! Don't forget the waster 1 gp, weight varies , an extra-heavy training weapon that gives characters that successfully train with it a bonus to CMD. Next up we have the exemplar weapon salve gp, 1 lb.

An attached burdenstone increases the targets load by

Turns a normal weapon into a masterwork weapon. This is some cool treasure to give out at low instead of the ever-expected masterwork weapons used by hostile NPCs. The melee contingency kit gp, 14 lbs.

We'd to take on a monster with type of DR. There's cold iron, silver, acid, alchemists fire, and holy water in there. Man the Battlements!

Of course, a lot of melee combat is defense and that's why we get new magic armor qualities and new magic armors! Wearer reduces damage from other type of energy channeled by If the wearer can channel the type or energy paired to the armor, three times per day can increase dice rolled on a channel by 1.

And now I see why, it's related to summoner eidolons. Basically, once per day on command, armor fuses into wearer and for 30 minutes grants some eidolon evolutions. Summonses are the devil so no. Too often we focus on mechanics to flavor's detriment. These armors are coated in thin layer of frost and shimmer faintly with bluish-white hue. I'm pretty meh on this one. Heavy armor only and gives off soft red glow.

Once per day wearer can make it erupt, with liquid Fire 1d6 damage and smoke concealment affecting all adjacent squares. One round later, all 9 squares turn to difficult terrain. My dwarven foe hammer needs this in PFS.

This review is getting long, so here are a few notes on magic armors. Armor of the Sands has cool flavor and good abilities--especially for a rogue that might end up in melee combat. The elephantshield is a shield fighter's dream. The gelugon armor adds an attack.

What's a gelugon? I need to look that one up! All barbarians lust after the Mammoth hide and the wizard's mail is the magic armor that finally broke the game. Our only salvation is that people who love to optimize caster's are unlikely to look in a book about melee fighters.

Hidden in plain sight! You wanna fight me with that?Windows 7x , 8x or 10x Processor: There's an archetype for each called out class, but here are also 16 combat feats, 4 general fights, 2 new fighting styles with three feats each, and 4 teamwork feats.

It's not the coolest thing in this book, but it is the page that will be most useful to the largest number of people. The art attached is map-related and non-specific. Whenever the bard uses the masterpiece after that, all allies within 30 feet who are affected can that Teamwork feat. I've loved this monster since I first saw it in the Inner Sea World Guide, so I'm always happy to see it getting some press.

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