Practical Programming in Tcl and Tk. Brent Welch. DRAFT, January 13, Updated for Tcl and Tk THIS IS NOT THE PUBLISHED TEXT. THE INDEX . Title Practical Programming in Tcl and Tk, 4th Edition; Author(s) Brent Welch, Ken Hardcover/Paperback: pages; eBook: Online, HTML and PDF files. Practical Programming in Tcl and Tk 4th Edition - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. really helpful for people.

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AspectJ in Action: Practical Aspect-Oriented Programming. Read more ยท Thinking in C++, Volume 2: Practical Programming. Other Courses s Effective Tcl/Tk Programming. 2-day Advanced Topic s Object- Oriented Programming with [incr Tcl] -command exit pack.b -padx 4 -pady 6. Tcl. (scripting language). Tk. (GUI toolkit) Practical Programming in. Tcl and Tk. A practical guide to help the beginner as well as the expert to get the most out of Tcl and Tk.

The authors are experts that have both developed the technology and used it to solve problems, so they have many valuable insights to relate to the readers. Book Site. Want to know Runways information of a particular airport?

Click here to find out. English ISBN He served as senior webengineer at Scriptics, and has been involved in Tcl and Tk from theirearliest days, developing major Tcl applications such as the exmh email userinterface and TclHttpd web server.

Ken Jones has provided training and documentation for software developersfor almost 20 years. Reviews and Rating: site Reviews, Ratings, and Recommendations: So I thought that I would try to write the kind of book that I wanted to read.

Or at least the sketch of such a book. Thinking in Tkinter consists of a few short programs that begin to explain how to think in Tkinter. In them, I don't attempt to catalog all of the types of widgets, attributes, and methods that are available in Tkinter.

I just try to get started down the road of understanding some basic Tkinter concepts. These programs do not attempt to provide a comprehensive introduction to all aspects of Tkinter programming.

Get this book! As a consequence of these rules, the result of any command may be used as an argument to any other command.

Also, there is no operator or command for string concatenation, as the language concatenates directly. Note that, unlike in Unix command shells , Tcl does not reparse any string unless explicitly directed to do so, which makes interactive use more cumbersome, but scripted use more predictable e. Both of those commands are just part of the standard library; they have no particularly special place in the library and can be replaced, if so desired.

The majority of Tcl commands, especially in the standard library, are variadic , and the proc the constructor for scripted command procedures allows one to define default values for unspecified arguments and a catch-all argument to allow the code to process arbitrary numbers of arguments. Tcl is not statically typed: each variable may contain integers, floats, strings, lists, command names, dictionaries, or any other value; values are reinterpreted subject to syntactic constraints as other types on demand.

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However, values are immutable and operations that appear to change them actually just return a new value instead. Basic commands[ edit ] The most important commands that refer to program execution and data operations are: set writes a new value to a variable creates a variable if did not exist.

If used only with one argument, it returns the value of the given variable it must exist in this case. The usual execution control commands are: if executes given script body second argument , if the condition first argument is satisfied. It can be followed by additional arguments starting from elseif with the alternative condition and body, or else with the complementary block.

For while it means to loop again, for for and foreach, pick up the next iteration.The model is based on string substitutions, and it is important that you understand it properly to avoid trouble in complex cases. The trick is in the first line of the file that contains your script.

Lets you specify page colors. I use two simple tricks to track down the source of these errors.

Example shows the newguest. Quoting Issues and Eval If you forget the space.

The resource database that can configure widgets provides an easy way to control the overall look of your application. Corporate and Government Sales: The goal of this part is to get you started in the right direction when you need to extend Tcl with new commands written in C or integrate Tcl into custom applications.

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