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Dragon Magazine # - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. D&D Supplement - Dragon Mag Dragon Magazine - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Documents Similar To Dragon Magazine Dragon Magazine # Dragon Magazine Uploaded by. percentninja · Dragon Magazine pdf. Uploaded by. Ankharan Aelfana · Dragon Magazine # Uploaded by.

Red Lotus: Inhaling this dust causes intense hallucinations for five to eight hours. Failing a save can cause permanent insanity.

Yellow Lotus: Inhaling this dust causes lethargy, weakening the character for several weeks. Gray Lotus: Inhaling this causes a "state of catalepsy". This is used by necromancers to create mindless servants. The victim is basically a living zombie, with the effect lasting for up to nine days. Blue Lotus: Causes mildly pleasant hallucinations and can give you clairaudience and clairvoyance for a time.

Dragon Magazine #355 cover is by Howard Lyon

Using this more than once per week can kill you. Poisons are broken into classes, represented by a letter. They kick in at varying "onset" times. The strength stat is the damage.

Dragon magazine

The number before the slash is what you take if you fail your saving throw. The number after the slash is if you make it! So a quick glance shows you that even if you make your saving throw, you are taking damage.

And if it is Type O, you're paralyzed no matter what! You can't move for 2d6 hours. A "debilitating" poison weakens you for d3 days.

All of your ability scores are cut in half and you move at half speed. On top of that, you cannot heal by normal or magical means! If you die with poison in your system, it remains active for 2d6 hours after you die. So if you are raised during that time, you'll need to make an immediate save or suffer the effects of the poison again. Wow, that's not cool. If you fail, you take initial damage usually it affects your ability scores.

Then a minute later, you save again and take more damage. Temporary ability damage is pretty cool and scary, but in my experience calculating the myriad of effects of losing points in a stat grinds the game to a halt.

In my opinion, it's better to have the poison simulate the effects of stat loss through a single effect. Here's some of the poisons: Nitharit: You lose 3d6 points of Constitution.

Dragon Bile: Lose 3d6 Strength. Striped Toadstool: Lose piles of Wisdom and Intelligence. Id Moss: Drains Intelligence. Lich Dust: Drains a total of 3d6 Strength. Drow Poison: Knocks you out for up to 2d4 hours.

Shadow Essence: Drains 2d6 Strength and one permanent point of Strength! The Book of Vile Darkness also covers crafting poisons, with identical material to the Dragon Magazine article.

It also includes a weird new type of poison called psychic poison.

Dragon magazine

Psychic Poison: "A psychic poison is a magical toxin that affects those who cast certain types of spells on the creature, object or area". Those who cast divination or mind-affecting spells on a certain area must make a Will save or take stat damage like other poisons. These psychic poisons have weird names like "Karadrach", "Vashita" and "Blue Unlyn".


Dragon Magazine - "The Market is Bad" This article is part of the awesome Savage Tide adventure path, and details locations in the extremely seedy pirate town of Scuttlecove. One such location is "Snake Charmer Poisons", in the city slums. It is run by Riordan Darkly, a fellow who has a small lab in interconnected basements under run-down shacks.

The Best Sky Objects for Star Gazers

He's been working a few poisons that will affect yuan-ti as well as people: Skinshedder: Strips portions of the victim's skin, causing flesh to blister as though burnt. Skinvice: Hardens skin and causes paralysis.

Positoxins In the Libris Mortis sourcebook, there's information on a type of poison that affects undead. Positoxin: "Positoxins are special alchemical substances distilled from holy water and laced with positive energy.

It doesn't affect incorporeal undead. Here's some of them: Bloodwine: This is a drink meant to be given to vampires.

It's got garlic in it. Liquid Mortality: This stuff can actually destroy undead. The other positoxins have great names like boneshard paste, celestial essence, gravedust, and sunlight oil. Ravages The Book of Exalted Deeds says that the only poison that is acceptable for good-aligned characters to use is oil of taggit, because it only knocks people out.

This book presents holy poisons that are ok for good-aligned characters to use, called "Ravages".

Ravages deal ability damage like normal poisons. Using the advertisements in Dragon, ironic, no? I found this website: Some of their products include boxed sets of Dragon , and probably Dungeon too. Does anyone have experience with this site? And also, what issue did both of the magazines become 3. Jul 31 '10, 4: You can find a lot of them over at Paizo's website.

Table of contents

Pretty much anything from or later, they should have. However, a lot of these they only sell in. Jul 31 '10, 5: What should I search?

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Dragon magazine or Dungeon , I assume? Setting Ravenloft is primarily a Gothic horror setting. Dungeon Masters are encouraged to use scenes that build apprehension and fear, culminating in the eventual face-to-face meeting with the nameless evil. One exception is the 'phlogiston' of the Spelljammer setting. Their exact nature and number are deliberately kept vague, allowing for plot development in accordance with the Gothic tradition of storytelling - where the heroes are frequently outclassed and outnumbered by unknowable evil forces beyond their control.

The Dark Powers most frequently serve as a plot device for Ravenloft, especially concerning the Dark Lords, the de facto visible rulers of the Ravenloft Demiplane. Where the player characters are often tormented and opposed by the Dark Lords, the Dark Lords are themselves tormented and opposed by the Dark Powers. Vecna and Lord Soth "escaped" Ravenloft, but are the only two Dark Lords known to have done so; Vecna by attaining the status of Greater God and thus becoming too powerful for the Dark Powers to contain and Lord Soth by simply ignoring his domain and punishment, causing the Dark Powers to lose interest in imprisoning him.

Most frequently, the Dark Powers make their wishes and intentions known through subtle manipulations of fate. Thus, Barovia 's vampire lord Strahd von Zarovich 's many attempts to win back his love, Tatyana, are doomed to failure, but the Dark Powers arrange such that he never truly loses hope.

Each time, for example, Strahd's own actions may be partially culpable for his failure, and as such he may go through crippling self-recrimination, rather than cursing the gods solely and giving up. Most other Dark Lords have similar tales of frustration, kept all the more unbearable because the flicker of the possibility of success is never truly extinguished.BCREA also plans to launch a new website in early In the game, they resemble humanoids who are half skeletal and half without skin, with their sinew and muscle exposed.

He was a vain, good-looking man who got a ring that held a fey spirit that kept him looking good as he aged. Assassin's Blood: Damage, poisoned for 24 hours. In addition to a regular continuing education program delivered throughout the year, PAMA offers a three-part Rental Building Certificate course focused on B.

This year. Their homes are ruins covered in thorns and creepers, riddled with obstructions and hiding place. Florez has noticed that there tends to be a five to year rotation.

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