Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason Bridget Jones Het Nieuwe Dagboek · Read more Bridget Jones - Schokolade zum Frühstück. Read more. Автор: Fielding Helen, Книга: Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. 6 days ago Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason is a romantic comedy film directed by Edge of Reason - Wikipedia United States: Charlotte (PDF).

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Editorial Reviews. Review. Fans of Helen Fielding's Bridget Jones's Diary will recall that at the end of that sly and funny version of Pride and. 1 a Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason is the sequel to Bridget Jones's Diary and both books have been made into films. Do you know anything about. Bridget. Get Free Read & Download Files Bridget Jones Edge Of Reason PDF. BRIDGET JONES EDGE OF REASON. Download: Bridget Jones Edge Of Reason.

Better start slimming into that dress.

He's given you the night off to cheer up your single friends. Actually, he's got a big case on, trying to get everyone in Mexico out of prison. We're meeting for a very late romantic dinner. That's so odd, 'cause l saw him an hour ago going into his house with Rebecca Gillies. She's only. She's got legs up to here.

And Daddy owns half of Australia. See ya, babes. Who is Rebecca Gillies? What's she doing going into my boyfriend's house? Where he never asks me. And with legs up to here?

Climber's legs. Then you know he's shagging her. All that l have is all that you've given Mark would never betray me. Everything will be lovely and we'll have sex in the kitchen.

Oh, Godl What is that? Who is that? No, l'm Bridget Jones. Rebecca Gillies. What's he said? Hello, Mark. Everything under control, l see. Excellent graph. Oh, l don't know what l thought. Now you're really angry with me. The thing is l ran into Janey Osborne, who said she'd just seen you with this girl, with really long legs, and Shazzer and Jude said l should get over here straightaway.

Following the orders of the dating war command, you executed a raid. Oh, God, that's worse than angry. Oh, plenty of time to butter them up at the Law Council Dinner next Friday.

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Don't want to go, do you? Oh, stupid Bridget, stupid friends. Wonderful, loyal Mark Darcy Why are you dancing around in that tent? That's pointless, because l have a very high regard for your wobbly bits in all circumstances.

Yeah Are you digging on me? Yeah l'm digging on you, now, baby Yeah Do you want a little bit of my love? All the time l knew That you loved me And you promised me That you would be my only man Yeah Are you digging on me?

However, must not obsess or fantasise. Bridget Darcy. Mrs Darcy. Mr and Mrs Darcy. Lord and Lady Darcy. Wonder what Mark Darcy would be like as a father. To his children, l mean, not to me. That would be a weird, Oedipus-like thought. At last, life is on track. Bridget Jones. All right, perhaps not a total stranger.

Back off, Cleaver, or l'll report you to a sexual harassment tribunal. Do you like it? Being on it is Hello there. Daniel, thought the Madrid piece was outstanding, really original.

Cheers, Jeremy. Appreciate that. We had to work really hard on that one. Talking of which, how is Mark Darcy? And l intend to be for a very long time. You know what a fan l am of any woman married to Mark Darcy. You do know that it's a fact that most lawyer's wives die of boredom?

And what about you? Still shagging anything that moves? As a matter of fact, no. No shagging whatsoever. Hug people who smell. Yeah, yeah. Very good hair, Jones. By the way, um, you're not free for dinner tonight, are you? No, l'm not. Bridge, do you want to get married and have babies before you become barren?

Trust me Married to Mark's partner. She actually got engaged on the night of the Law Council Dinner. Try it with the dress. Oh, my God!

Remember, we are trying to reduce your body size by per cent. You hold the front, l'll hold the back. One, two, three Not too bad, actually. Right, let us begin. We could flatten it with Brylcreem. What about a wig? Lawyers love wigs. What if someone says ''Bridget Jones, get out of here, you are ridiculous''?

Stop it. The most important thing, of course, is to look absolutely wonderful and make a magnificent entrance.

Sorry l'm late. But l went before l left home. Trust me on this one. Not good. Derek, Horatio, Camilla. Horatio was just saying he's totally against charitable giving. Do you think it's helpful to give a beggar fifty pence? The people you see outside the tube every day are there by choice. Some people have terrible personal problems, and other people might have lost their family in some tragic ferry disaster.

And some people are just plain hopeless. Honestly, this is the sort of rubbish you'd expect from fat, balding Tory, Home Counties, upper-middle-class twits. You seem to have made quite an impression. He's terribly nice, but his wife's just run off with one of the partners. He probably won't mention it, but you should know. You see, there's the high-fliers, like Annabel and Mark Darcy and there's the gorgeous girls, like Rebecca there and there's the rest of us. Like you and me, you mean?

You and me stumbled into the VlP room by mistake and it's only a matter of moments before they show us the door. All those years of playing Trivial Pursuits are about to pay off. Now l want to see your hands poised over those bells. Here we go. What are something called ''customary freeholds''?

What is the correct grace used in the lnner Temple for the second mooting night of Michaelmas term? Jolly good. What is an overreaching conveyance? What is rack-rent? When was breach of promise abolished? Define ''damnum sentit dominus''. Translate ''reddendo singula singulis'' into Ancient Greek.

Name the character in Footballers' Wives who, in one memorable episode, set fire to her own breasts. What was the name of Madonna's first UK single? My entire life has been leading up to this very moment.

Take that knife, slice off my head and boil it if l'm wrong.

The correct answer is Lucky Star. Good night. But you talked to Rebecca. And you talked to Horatio. Not if you go on calling everyone ''balding, upper-middle-class twits''. Well, they were balding, upper-middle-class twits. Except for the ones who had hair. Don't be ridiculous. Well, tonight you were an arrogant arse. Asked you what? One minute, you're closer to someone than anyone in the whole world, next minute, you're never going to see them again. Don't go away, l have something really, really important to say.

Er, just a moment. Look, er, Unless you've come to chuck me once and for all. Stuck-up snob. You are, after all, my girlfriend. Even though l shouted at you and called you an arrogant arse?

Unfortunately, yes. You see, the problematic thing is He said he loves me. Go back in there, Bridge, and whatever you do, act completely nonchalant. Bridget, you're staring at me again. Listen, l know this evening didn't go exactly as planned, but there was a very important question l wanted to ask you tonight. Darling Bridget What the world This is a holiday in heaven. Told a tiny lie about being an extremely experienced skier. But, honestly, how hard can it be? Very romantic, very relaxing.

Oh, God. What are you doing here?

Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy by Helen Fielding

Come on, up you get. Come on. Yes, fine, thanks. Well, l mentioned that we were coming and she said why didn't they come too, and l couldn't say no, could l? Come on, you two, let's crack on, shall we? Actually, l mightjust sit this one out. You head on. Right, l'll see you at base camp, then. Wait a minute Eight weeks?

Totally undisturbed Get out of the way! An eccentric but exhilarating performance from a total unknown, who's now solidly in position for the bronze. A pregnancy test. Kinderl l am on back Er, with me. Oh, no! No, no, not pregnant. Nein, nein. Maybe like this, but maybe like this. Fraulein, and l met frau And possibly now mit baby, uh-huh? Right, moment of truth awaits. What if l am pregnant? Boyfriend and baby seems just too lucky.

To be quite frank, it'd be bloody fantastic. Boy or a girl? Although, l suppose l've always had the fantasy of a son. Or River. Or some fabulous Hebrew name like Noah. Anyway, l could teach him to play cricket and rugby and visit him at Eton on St Andrew's Day.

The Darcy men have been going to Eton for five generations. Well, my son's not going to be sent away from home. Especially to some fascist institution where they stick a poker up your arse that you're never allowed to remove again. So what's the alternative? Sleeping in his parents' bed, breastfeeding until he's a teenager and some progressive school, where the day is spent singing Yellow Submarine?

Oh, you're absolutely right. What is madness is to have a child if his parents can't have a discussion without one shouting at the other.

Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy

Perhaps we should go out for lunch tomorrow. Get out of the grump. That's a good idea in theory, but you made a family arrangement. No, no, thank you. The mini spotted dick rather finished me off. Bridget, you must want to hear those ding-dong bells. Well, we're certainly not thinking about that yet.

Are we, Bridget? God, no. Of course not. Well, that's that sorted. So, Admiral, out on the high seas. How was it? The thing thing. Now, let's see, there are any number of things, um The thing where you said you're not, um, That you're not, not even thinking about, um What's the matter?

Let's get a drink. And then we're going to be civilised. Are you there? Obviously not. Probably still out with Bridget. Anyway, l hope lunch with the parents went well. Anyway, look, maybe give me a ring when you get back.

But l suppose that's a silly idea. Bridget's probably there. Are you or are you not having an affair with Rebecca Gillies? All l did was go to the loo. That's not your coat. Oh, right. Oh, Bridget, what are you doing? My legs only come up to here and yes, l will always be a little bit fat. And you, you fold your underpants before you go to bed.

But you're not perfect either. You look down your nose at absolutely everyone, and you're incapable of doing anything spontaneous or potentially affectionate.

Bridget, this is mad. Perhaps you've already found her. Do you want to marry me? Look, l You see, you can never muster the strength What do l gotta do to make you love me? What do l gotta do to make you care? What do l gotta do to make you want me? Hmm What do l gotta do to be heard? Oooh-ooh And sorry seems to be the hardest word lt's sad So sad Why can't we talk it over, babe?

Always seems to me When sorry seems to be The hardest word [Bridget] Five weeks later. Am enjoying a relationship with two men simultaneously. The first is called Ben, the other, Jerry.

Number of current boyfriends. Number of calls from ex-boyfriend. Not a single one. Not even from your mother. Meet me at Debenhams at twelve o'clock. Daddy and l are getting married. Reaffirming our vows. You are going to be a bridesmaid, and absolutely everything is going to be lavender. And when l say everything, l mean No more candlelight No more romance - No more small talk New York.

The city that never sleeps with the same person two nights running. Oh, cheer up, misery guts. What's the angle? Although that is a bloody good idea. The fact is The Smooth Guide is doing very well with women, but the network want us to cast a wider net and use a Smooth Guide-ess. With Daniel Cleaver?

Not now. Not in a million years from now.

Strong words from somebody who doesn't know where Germany is. He said he couldn't be expected to go out with someone who thought lran was David Bowie's wife, and who didn't know where Germany was. Daniel Cleaver is a deceitful, sexist, disgusting specimen of humanity, that l wouldn't share a lift with, let alone a job. Come on, Jones, there must have been something you liked about me. And quite nice manners. Outside the bedroom. But that's about it. And by the way, l know exactly where Germany is.

The question is do you know the location of your arsehole? As a matter of fact, l do know the exact location of my arsehole. And hers. Oh, come on, Jones, it was just a silly joke. Not a very funny one. Where is it? Where is Germany? And also Belgium, And it has a sea coast. Which sea? Oh, sod it. Now, look, l think we should talk about Finch's suggestion. Wouldn't you like to be my little Girl Guide?

And cigarettes. And carbohydrates. Oh, stop it, all of you. Someone's gotta be last. Oh, fuck.

What's your name? Mine's Clive. We're about to offer a wide range of duty-free items. Details can be found in your in-flight magazine.

Particularly the young ladies. Come with me now. This is worse than school. Couldn't bear to think of you back there in slum class, Jones. Graham, thank you. You are the best air steward l've ever come across. And if l may say so, the smartest.

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Thank you, sir. Fuck, no. Why don't you tell me, in detail, about your school netball tour, particularly the unsavoury incident in the communal showers. Or go to a girls' school. Dirty, dirty bitch. Very hot. Relieved at last to throw myself into serious journalistic work. Thailand has long called travellers from around the globe to take spiritual succour and karmic rest.

For centuries, Western visitors have been inevitably drawn to some of Bangkok's oldest sanctuaries. So true, Bridget. Even l, fight it as l may, am no exception. The moment l arrive here, l almost feel an irresistible pull The Temple of Tranquillity.

Fully body-to-body massage. An incredible thing about Thailand is the amazing traditional cuisine. Oh, fuck! Oh, my God.

My God. How about a lovely locust? No, no, l can't. Too many people use the same source material for the wrong reasons—taking advantage of Austen's renewed popularity and the fact that her books are in the public domain.

They terrorize the Bennet sisters with attacks from the undead, in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. They use her to elevate their own muddled romantic comedy storylines by highlighting faint parallels between modern characters and Austen heroines, as in The Jane Austen Book Club. A good update of Austen can stand on its own. When you watch Clueless , you don't have to know that the good-natured stoner Travis is too-hastily dismissed by Cher in a way that echoes humble farmer Robert Martin and Emma Woodhouse.

The situation is funny and entertaining regardless. Good updates of Austen reflect a truth not always universally acknowledged: One can't just write a modern Elizabeth Bennet who is poorer than her Mr.

Darcy—in this day and age, when princes are marrying commoners and even divorcees and single mothers , it's simply not enough. The rigid social hierarchy of a ritzy high school was an excellent choice for a modern Emma Woodhouse. And Bridget Jones wouldn't be nearly as sympathetic if she wasn't a little ditzy and slightly confused about where Germany is. I wish I could point to more excellent updates and parodies, but the pickings are slim.

Bride and Prejudice , a Bollywood-inspired movie from the director of Bend it Like Beckham , comes close; the scene in which heroine Lalita righteously schools newcomer Will Darcy on his misconceptions about India is a worthy heir to Elizabeth Bennet's many redirections of misguided Mr.

Darcy—and a good choice of a modern conflict. I searched in vain for a hint of Austen in the press coverage that heralded Bridget's return. Unfortunately, most of the rumors focus on the possibility of Renee Zellweger wearing a fat suit to play a pound character. Whatever happens to Bridget next, I hope Fielding's smart writing will win the day. Maybe she'll recall Austen's maxim from Emma: We want to hear what you think about this article.

Submit a letter to the editor or write to letters theatlantic. Related Story. Darcy, after he expresses frustration with Bridget's self-help book collection: If I decide I love someone then nothing will stand in my way. Not friends, not theories.The film ends with Bridget's parents renewing their vows and Bridget catching the bouquet. Someone else? Digamos que tropieza varias veces en la misma piedra.

For instance, the whole lesbian thing in the movie? Why are you dancing around in that tent? How this can happen? This page was last edited on 30 March , at Just wondered how you are. Thank you very much, Daniel.

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