macmillan - play games with english - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text Play Games With English Teacher's Resource Book 3 (ELT Photocopiables. Play Games With English 2 - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read English 2 is published together with an accompanying Teachers' Book (ISBN. Play Games With English Book 1 - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online for free. grammar English Puzzles 2 Play Games With English Teacher's Resource Book 3 (ELT Photocopiables Series){h33t}{Allpirate} .

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1: Teachers' Resource Book (Book) by John Series: Heinemann Games S. Dos libros de lecturas Play games with English 2, Heinemann. English teaching. Play games with english 1 teachers resource book macmillan heineman. Thao Nguyen. Loading Preview. Sorry, preview is currently unavailable. You can. 3. Introduction. Beep 2 Teacher's Resource Book offers conversations featuring native English children in a natural It is possible to play both sections .. reading playing computer games drawing dancing listening to music playing football.

English language - Text-books I.

Title You will find a new game on almost every P0ge of this book. For example-: Read me instructions.

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The gameS in this book are 9! We would like to thank David King of the Davies's School in Brighton for his help in the preparation of this book.

Try to find someone 1 giving 2 fetching 3 brillging 4 passing 5 lending 6 pouring 7 showing someone something. Look at this picture of a busy hospital ward.

You have two minutes. For example: In picture B Write what is different in picture B. Spot the Difference 1 Compare the pictures. There are six more differences between picture A and picture B. There aren't any. Try to find them.. Y cl1ips. There isn't any There are some.. Use these forms in your answers: There is some.

Put these words in the correct category. Tailors make clothes. D load and unload ships. D help in hospitals. Carpenters clean cars.

D look after animals. D make things from wood. A chamberrnttid Fore' Where do these people work? Who wears what for their work? Where should they be? Spotthe Difference 2 door. Use these prepositions: In picture A everything is where it should be.

Where can you see these signs? Put these pictures into the correct order to tell a story. Begin like this: Write a sentence about each picture. Can you tell what these people are going to do?

A caprClirl is more impovmVlt. I i-s1i1e la r'9est. Spotthe Difference 3 For example: Frank does the housework every Saturday morning. What jobs has Frank done and what jobs hasn't he done yet in picture B? Picture B shows Frank still hard at work one hour later.

In picture A Frank is just starting to tidy up the kitchen.

Use the verbs in the box below. If you take the ferry to Northern Ireland you will cross overthe English Channel. If you go on a boattrip down the RiverThames will pass Dover.

If you go on a sightseeing tour of London you will be able to see Buckingham Palace. If you go shopping in Edinburgh you will have to change your English pounds to Scottish pounds.

If you fly from London to Scotland you will have to show your passports at the airport. If you go to Stratford-on-Avon you will be able to visit William Shakespeare's birthplace. How much do you know about Great Britain?

Decide whether these statements about Great Britain are true or false. How do you think these sentences are said? Connect the sentences with the most appropriate adverb. RUATlon 1 Kate has been doing a lot of work in her garden this afternoon. Look at this picture of a classroom in a Language School.. You have two minutes tc? Take care when you do this as sometimes you will have to change the spelling Spelling Quiz Endings Make an adjective from these words by adding an ending!

Write the plural of these words: Differences These word pairs have the same sound but different meanings. Match the correct word in the pair with the picture.

Use these verbs to write about the pictures. Double letters Six of the verbs in the list below have double letters. Y WORD. Which instructor is giving which instruction? Write the number in the box next to the correct instruction. SL Jv. Look at the pictu re of the office Everyone in the office thought their boss was out for the day when suddenly he opened the door. The players must change positions after each game. Thetwo contestants must bowto each other atthe start of the contest.

The two teams shou Id wear different colours. Contestantsmustwear gloves and must not hit an opponent behind the neck. Only the goalkeeper is allowed to play the ball with his hands or arms.

Players must wear skates and numbered shirts. Contestants are weighed contestants' assistants must leave the ring before the fight begins. Contestants must only attack the arms and legs oftheir opponent. They must not stop another competitor from overtaking. One team should wear blue caps. The players should notwearwhite. A team must try for a goal within 30 seconds of getting possession of the ball. They shou Id not get over-excited. The 0 Competitors should wear a D crash hat. The ball may be thrown but it must not be carried or kicked.

Each team may have up to seventeen players.

Join the sport or game to the appropriate set of rules. Thegamecan be played by two 0 E 0 B Each team may have up to ten players. Players are not allowed to leave the court without permission. They may eat and drink during the event.

The ball must touch the table on both sides of the net each time it is hit. They should wear white clothing. Competitors are not allowed to help each other. Players must not splash water into an opponent's face. You have four minutes For example: Spectators are people who watch a play or a film.

A warehouse is a place where poor people live. A widower is a woman whose husband is dead. A teetotaller is someone who never drinks alcohol. A pantry is a room where you play games. A saw is a tool which you use to undo nuts.

A coward is someone who runs away from danger. Can you tell what these objects are?

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Put them into the correct column. Look at these time words and expressions. Some of them use 'for' and some use 'since' When did people start making telephone calls? When did people start going to the cinema? When did people start fighting with guns?

Solution on page When did people start using atomic power? When did people start flying in planes? When did people start watching television? When did people start listening to records?

When did people starttravelling in cars? When did people start reading printed books? How many years ago did people start doing these things?

You don't have to know the exact number of years. When did people starttaking photographs? Look at the picture. Solution on page 65 You have two minutes to try and remember what is in the street.

Write the opposite of these words by adding these beginnings: I Write five more sentences about the picture. The ship was in erfectly good order and did not seem to have been in a storm or have been attacked by pirates.

The ship was found abandoned in the Atlantic on the fourth of December Write what the sailors were going to do just before they left the ship. The ship's log diary was written up to the twenty-fifth of November but again there was nothing in it to explain why the crew of eight men should suddenly leave their ship in the middle of the ocean.

The story of the Mary Celeste is one of the greatest mysteries of the sea. Here is a picture of the cabin of the Mary Celeste.

Complete the phrasal verbs with one of these prepositions: What would you do with these presents if you got them for your birthday? MCT 'I"" 2. Howwould you send it?

Who would you go and see? You wantto pay your bills by cheque. Which shop would you goto? What kind of bank account would you open?

Which ticket would you download? You have to send an ' The shower in your flatdoesn'twork..


Where would you look in the newspaper? You need some legal advice on a problem you have got. What would you do if you had one of the following problems? You haven't got anywhere to live. Marco Polo make their first flight discover the electric light bulb Solution on page 67 be assassinated discover the Americas return from China 7.

History Quiz What had just happened when these historic photographs were taken? The W rig Christopher Columbus hit an iceberg enter Troy The Greeks. Julius Caesar 3.

In picture B. Compare the two pictures. Spotthe Difference 3 Tltlere are more evlvelopes. The Sandwich man put a thick slice of bread on the table and said. Heinemann Games S. Dos libros de lecturas Play games with English 2, Heinemann. English teaching resources heineman children games - teachers resource book - maria toth Document Transcript.

Many suggestions on how to play a range of games are provided. The caterpillar can eat through one table, two chairs, three books etc. Book Two: Colin Granger: Do not give players minus points for grammar mistakes - just correct the mistake and let the player continue. I've got a cake, two pens and a book. I've got a cake, two pens, a book and six keys. I've got a cake, a book This player makes a memory mistake and so gets a minus point.

macmillan - play games with english 2.pdf

I've got a cake, two pens, a book, six keys and an apple. I've got a cake, two pens, And so on. You could then begin a new game with a different basic sentence, e. He's got a car The player with the least number of minus points at the end of the game is the winner.

Hints: Playa trial round before playing properly. Cardinal Numbers: one, two, etc. The first player calls out one, the next player two, the next three, and so on, around the class.The matron is giving her an injection.

If the card is a refusal, Sorry. She was cutting her nails. The children can play as many rounds as they wish in the same group, o r the groups can be changed for each new round. A matron is more senior than a nurse. For one, some of the games immediately end when you get just one question wrong. Part I: There are no winners or losers. Team A throws the cubes andgives Team B a question, e.

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