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was genius and well- deserved. government chopper landed in his backyard two days ago, he The Scam: A Fox and O'Hare N. Get Free Read & Download Files Fearless Fourteen A Stephanie Plum Novel PDF. FEARLESS FOURTEEN A STEPHANIE PLUM NOVEL. Download: Fearless. Get Free Read & Download Files Fearless Fourteen Stephanie Plum 14 Janet Evanovich PDF. FEARLESS FOURTEEN STEPHANIE PLUM 14 JANET.

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Fearless Fourteen (Stephanie Plum, No. 14)

It was released in November, This superb Joseph L. Search for ghostwriting freelancers. By: xXPrincessAlexusXx. Their happy existence is threatened when a storm generates an enormous wave that sweeps Vincent away. Discover new comics and artists, or publish your work and reach a larger audience. Logan and Hesh take down two Federation soldiers before Rorke shows himself on the screen and taunts Hesh, prompting Hesh to punch the screen, smashing it.

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Louis index main page. His father, Colonel J. Jangchup Phelgyal and the Reader. Villains that appear in live action media. All character tropes should go on the Marvel Cinematic Universe character pages. Vincent x Child! This is Honestly really Sad to me! Though the book isn't particularly long, there is a lot packed into it, and so many twists and surprises. The family would like to thank the staff at Rose Haven for their many years of exceptional care.

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Your smutty Doctor Strange fic was amazing! I just saw the movie last night and wanted to ask if you could make a fic where Stephen never told the reader where he was going and then when he comes back it gets In the games. However, I cannot find any way to tell GS to just use the ex I have 7 or so Doctor Strange imagines that were requested that I will hopefully finish soon and then I have a Wolverine x reader up my sleeve which will be published after the requests are finished.

Request: Super smutty Demon! Dean imagine? And anyways, you can't dump him in an empty house. You get child services after you for doin' that. It was a Nissan Sentra that used to be silver but was now mostly rust. It had doughnut-size wheels, a Jaguar hood ornament, and a bobble-head Tony Stewart doll in the back window. I like Tony Stewart a lot, but seeing his head jiggling around in my rearview mirror doesn't do much for me. Unfortunately, he was stuck on with Crazy Glue and nothing short of dismantling the car was going to get him out of my life.

Loretta had given me a photo of Mario and a pickup location. I cruised to a spot where a group of kids were shuffling around, looking for their rides. Easy to spot Mario. He resembled Morelli when Morelli was his age.

Wavy black hair and slim build. Of course, I might have been distracted by the multiple silver rings piercing his eyebrows, ears, and nose. He was wearing blackand-white Converse sneakers, stovepipe jeans with a chain belt, a black T-shirt with Japanese characters, and a black denim jacket.

Morelli had been an early bloomer. He grew up fast and hard. His dad was a mean drunk, and Morelli got good with his hands as a kid. He could use them in a fight, and he could use them to coax girls out of their clothes.

The first time Morelli and I played doctor, I was five years old, and he was seven. He's periodically repeated the performance, and lately we seem to be a couple. He's a cop now, and against all odds, he's mostly lost the anger he had growing up. He inherited a nice little house from his Aunt Rose and has become domestic enough to own a dog and a toaster.

He hasn't as yet reached the crockpot, toilet seat down, live plant in the kitchen level of domesticity. Mario looked like a late bloomer. He was short for his age and had "desperate geek" written all over him.

I got out of my car and walked to the group of kids. I promised her I'd bring you home. She can't make her bail, and I can't take you home to an empty house, so I'm parking you in the bonds office until I can find a better place for you. No isn't an option.

Fearless Fourteen

I could rough you up or shoot you or something if you don't get out of the car. I'm just a kid. Juvie would be all over your ass. And your eye is twitching. Arms crossed over his chest. I blew out a sigh and told Morelli the deal with Loretta. In the meantime, he's all yours, Cupcake. What's going on? Zook didn't answer. Still pouting. Zook focused on Lula's gold tooth with the diamond chip, and below that what seemed like a quarter mile of cleavage, and his eyes almost fell out of his head.

And what's Rangeman? You don't know Minionfire? Minionfire's only the world's most popular, most powerful, totally awesome, badass difficult game. Don't tell me you've never heard of the Nation of Minionfire? Maybe a few Baptists, but they don't hardly count anymore," Lula said. Zook took his laptop out of his backpack.

I gotta check on Moondog. He's a griefer, and he's massing the wood elves. You keep doing that, and stuff's gonna start leaking out. Ranger wants to talk to me about working a job for him.

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What kind of job? Carlos M anoso is my age, but his life experience is worlds away. He's of Cuban heritage and has family in Newark and Miami. He's darkskinned, dark-eyed, and his hair is dark brown and currently cut too short for a pony-tail but long enough to fall across his forehead when he's sleeping or otherwise occupied in bed.

He's got a lot of muscle in all the right places and a killer smile that is rarely seen. His street name is Ranger, a leftover from his time in Special Forces. He's now co-owner of a security company with branches in Boston, Atlanta, and Miami. He wears only black, he smells like Bulgari Green shower gel, he's extremely private, and he eats healthy food.

I'd be tempted to say he isn't a lot of fun, but he has his moments. And on those rare occasions when we've been intimate Rangeman Security is on a side street in center city Trenton. It's housed in an inconspicuous sevenstory brick building, the name visible only on a small plaque above the door buzzer.

The seventh floor is Ranger's private apartment. There are two levels below ground and I've never gotten the personal tour, but I imagine dungeons and armories and Ranger's personal tailor toiling away. I key-fobbed my way into the underground garage and parked next to Ranger's black Porsche Turbo.

I took the elevator to the fifth floor, waved hello to the guys at the monitoring stations, and walked across the room to Ranger's office. The door was open, and Ranger was at his desk, talking on a headset.

His eyes went to me, he wrapped up his conversation and removed the headset. Babe covered a lot of ground with Ranger. It could be good, bad, amused, or filled with desire. Today it was hello. I sat in the chair across from his desk. It's synonymous with business, but I could throw some sex in as a bonus if you're interested. I wasn't interested for a bunch of complicated reasons, not the least of which was Joe Morelli.

Still, it was nice to know the offer was on the table. The singer? She'll be in town for three days doing a concert, some media, and a charity fund-raiser. I'm supposed to keep her dry and drug-free and out of harm's way. If I assign one of my men to her, she'll eat him alive and spit him out in front of the press. So I'm taking the watch, and I need someone riding shotgun. Tank's called Tank because that's what he is.

He's seven feet of muscle packed into a six-foot, four-inch, no-neck body. Tank is also Lula's current boyfriend. When she's at large, we'll take over. She can pass us off as traveling companions, and you can go into the ladies' room with her and make sure she doesn't test-drive mushrooms. They've shipped him back to California. We need to be at her hotel a half hour ahead. And we're on call. If she leaves her room, we're there. Morelli wasn't going to be happy to have me spending this much time with Ranger.

And Brenda was a car crash. Like Cher and Madonna, she didn't use a last name. Just Brenda. She was sixty-one years old. She'd been married eight times. She could crack walnuts with her ass muscles. And she was rumored to be mean as a snake. I couldn't remember her last album, but I knew she had a cabaret act going.

Baby-sitting Brenda had "nightmare" written all over it. Meet and greet at five-thirty. I'll meet you in her hotel lobby at five. Connie was working on the computer at her desk, and Lula was packing up, getting ready to leave.

This here's the third time this week I'll see him. I think this is getting serious. I wouldn't be surprised if he was gonna pop the question. The M question.

He probably would already have asked the M question, except he's so shy. I been thinking I might help him along with it. Make it easy on him. And maybe I'll stop at the jewelry district on the way home and get an engagement ring, so he don't have to do a lot of shopping. You know how men hate shopping.

Connie slid a glance at Zook, bent over his laptop, and then looked back at me. The silent communication was no luck so far.

Hard to get someone to post a couple thousand dollars in bond when the last person to post bond for Loretta ended up forfeiting their money. Lula had her bag on her shoulder and her car keys in her hand.

It was a modest two-story row house on a quiet street in a stable blue-collar neighborhood. Living room, dining room, kitchen, and powder room on the first floor. Three small bedrooms and bath upstairs. So far as I know, he'd never eaten in the dining room. Morelli ate breakfast at the small table in the kitchen, lunch at the sink, and dinner in front of the television in the living room. The backyard was narrow and strictly utilitarian, only used by Morelli's dog, Bob. I parked and looked over at Zook.

It's all my uncle talks about since he got out of prison. He said it was supposed to go to him, but Morelli swindled him out of it. What's he want with this dorkopolis? I saw Morelli in a cool condo with a big-screen television and a kick-ass sound system and maybe a pinball machine in his living room. Turns out Morelli was tired of sailing that ship. Morelli went into Rose's house with an open mind, and the house and Morelli took stock of each other and adapted.

The house gave up some of its stuffiness, and Morelli dialed down his wild side. I pulled the key from the ignition, got out of the car, and walked to the front door with Zook trailing after me. I didn't want to make out like armed robbery was okay, but at the same time, I didn't want to be gloom and doom. Step back when I open the door, or Morelli's dog will knock you over. Bob appeared, ears flapping, tongue out, slobber flying in all directions. He hurtled past us, leaped off the small porch, went straight to the nearest tree, and lifted his leg.

Zook went wide-eyed. His name is Bob. I closed the door after him and checked the time. Four o'clock. Morelli's shift ended at four. It would take him thirty minutes to drive home. I had to be dressed and at the hotel by five. The hotel was thirty minutes from my apartment at this time of night. It wasn't going to work. Zook looked around Morelli's living room. Morelli's computer is upstairs in his office, but I've seen him work down here as well. Morelli should be home any minute now. I'm going to trust you to stay here and wait for him and not get into trouble.

I called Morelli on his cell. Unfortunately, I have a job at five, and I have to go home first to change, so I'm going to leave Zook here alone for a few minutes. And just a suggestion, but you might want to put the Kojak light on the top of your car and step on the gas. There's a small lobby with a small unreliable elevator. The front entrance looks out on a busy street filled with small businesses. The rear exit backs up to a tenant parking lot.

My bedroom and living room windows look out at the parking lot. Lucky me, because this is the quiet side, except at five a. I share my apartment with a hamster named Rex. I rocked to a stop in the lot, bolted from the car, bypassed the elevator, and took the stairs two at a time. I ran down the hall and rammed my key into my front door.

I yelled hello to Rex on my way to the bedroom. No time for extended pleasantries. Ten minutes later, I was out the door in black heels and my little black suit with a white tank top under the jacket. The gun wasn't loaded, and I didn't have time to hunt for bullets, but if I had to whack someone in the head with my purse, it was nicely weighted.

I took a call from Morelli while I unlocked my car. This wouldn't be an issue if I was meeting anyone other than Ranger.

Ranger has many good qualities. Patience isn't one of them. I ran through the parking garage, slid to a stop when I got to the hotel lobby, adjusted my skirt, and crossed to where Ranger was standing.

He was wearing black slacks, black blazer, and a black dress shirt with a black tie.

The black tie had a black stripe. If GQ ran an issue on contract killers, he'd make the cover.

I followed him to the third floor and the only suite in the hotel. Tank was in front of the suite door, arms crossed, feet at parade rest. He was dressed in the usual Rangeman black T-shirt and cargo pants, with a gun at his hip. I watched Tank walk to the elevator and thought about Lula out shopping for an engagement ring.

I could sort of see Tank and Lula engaged, but the mental image of them settling into married life went right to the top of the bizarrometer. He rapped a second time. Ranger took a pass card from his pocket, inserted it in the lock, and opened the door. A young woman popped out of the bedroom. She was slim, and her face was pinched and had the hungry, haunted look of someone who'd recently quit smoking. Her short dark hair was pushed behind her ears in a non-style. She was wearing a skirt and a cardigan and flat shoes.

She didn't look happy. Her voice was country, and her style was ballsy. From what I read in the tabloids, at sixty-one she was on a slippery slope as an aging star.

Fearless Fourteen

And she wasn't going down gracefully. We're trying to erase the image of you running over that cameraman last month. For crissake, get off my case. Who do you work for anyway?

I want a glass of wine. Where's my wine? I specifically requested that the cooler be stocked with New Zealand sauvignon blanc. I must have my blanc! I'm the press secretary assigned to this trip. I work for Brenda's record company. Honestly, why am I always surrounded by amateurs? Is it too much to ask to have a stylist here?

Where's my stylist? First no blanc, and now no stylist. How am I supposed to work under these conditions? Brenda was slim and toned and spray-tanned to something resembling orange mud. She had big boobs, lots of curly auburn hair tipped with blond, and her lips looked like they'd been inflated with an air hose. She looked like Santa's senior off-season "ho. Ranger was standing pressed against my back, and I could feel him smile when Brenda entered the room.

I gave him an elbow to the ribs, and he exhaled on a barely audible bark of laughter. Sugar, I gotta get me some of you.

Hard to tell if he was enjoying himself or being polite. There was a moments pause while I debated correcting Brenda, but truth is, we all knew exactly what she was asking. Finally, Ranger stepped forward and opened the suite door. Brenda slithered through the door, rubbing against Ranger in the process. I was the last to leave the room. The doors opened, we stepped in, and Brenda moved close to Ranger. This produced more eye-rolling from Nancy and me and more passive pleasantness from Ranger.

The doors opened, and we moved into the crush of people in the lobby. Nancy led the way, and I followed Nancy, with Brenda sandwiched between Ranger and me. We cut a swath through the crowd to the meet-and-greet room. Once we were inside the room and the door was closed behind us, the atmosphere became much more calm. These were patrons of the charity, and they'd paid a huge amount of money to have a private audience with Brenda. She accepted a champagne flute, drained it, and reached for a second.

And so far, she hasn't totally exposed herself. You got groped in the elevator, but you're probably used to that. The woman narrowed her eyes at Brenda. Look, if it's an issue for you, just think of it as Russian weasel.

Ranger reached for Brenda, but Brenda already had her hands around the woman's throat. Ranger dispassionately yanked the dress up over Brenda's breasts and pulled the skirt down over her ass, apologized to the other woman, and dragged Brenda out of the room and into the lobby. Nancy and I rushed after Ranger and Brenda, and we all jumped into the elevator. Nancy crossed meet and greet off her schedule.

We took a position on the wall toward the front of the room, so we could better see if anyone was rushing at Brenda with a glass of red wine. Brenda had changed into a black satin bustier, tight jeans studded with rhinestones, and she had an animal-friendly black cashmere wrap draped over her shoulders.

My cell phone vibrated, and I looked at the screen. It was Morelli calling. He hasn't stopped playing since I got home. He can play and eat at the same time. I think he took the computer into the bathroom with him.

It's kind of creepy. You're coming back here tonight, right? What time are you coming back here? I'm running security for Brenda. I'm working with Ranger. Morelli thought Ranger was a dangerous guy from multiple points of view. And Morelli was right. I don't care about Brenda. I care about you. I don't like you working with Ranger. You need to be here to make sure Picasso doesn't spray paint the dog again. He said he had to protect Bob from the griefer.

He pulls anything like that again, and I'm going to make the griefer look like the Tooth Fairy. He made a small side-to-side movement with his head. Brenda lapped at the empty glass and waggled her tongue at the waiter. A red scald rose from his collar to the roots of his hair, and he ran for the kitchen. A waiter carrying plates of food passed behind Brenda, and in the blink of an eye, Brenda had the guy by his nuts. The waiter stopped in mid-stride, tray aloft, mouth open. I couldn't hear Brenda from where I stood, but I could read her lips.

If Brenda had been sober, she would have been hard to control. As it was, her eyes were unfocused, and her attention span was short. The elevator doors opened, Brenda lurched out, walked into a potted plant, and got knocked on her ass. She tried to grab him, and he jumped away. I opened the door and maneuvered her inside. I herded her into the bedroom, and she crawled into bed fully clothed.

I turned the light off in the bedroom and joined Ranger in the living room. He locked the liquor cabinet, pocketed the key, and we left the suite. He was big and blond and blushed when embarrassed. He was over-muscled and looked a little prehistoric. He showed up ten minutes early. If you need to enter and can't wait for me, get hotel security to go in with you. I got back to Morelli's house a little after midnight.

Morelli's porch light was on and a nightlight was burning in the hall leading to the stairs. The rest of the house was dark.

I unlocked the front door and stepped inside. The house was quiet. Everyone was asleep, including Bob Dog. I didn't need light to find my way around Morelli's house. I spent a decent amount of time there, and it was almost identical to the house where I grew up. I made my way into the kitchen and checked the fridge for leftovers, hitting the jackpot with pepperoni pizza. I put the pizza box on the counter, and the cellar door crashed open next to me.

I was too startled to scream, too freaked to move. After a second or two, my heart resumed beating and brain function kicked in.

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I heard footsteps on the stairs, and Morelli sauntered into the kitchen. He was wearing a T-shirt and boxers, and his hair was tousled. And why is the back door open? He was chunky. Dressed in dark clothes. I didn't see his face. It happened so fast, I didn't get a good look.

Stephanie and Morelli have a long-standing relationship that involves sex, affection, and driving each other nuts. She's a bond enforcement agent with more luck than talent, and she's involved in this bank-robbery-gone-bad disaster from day one.

The Crisis Ranger. Security expert Carlos Manoso, street name Ranger, has a job for Stephanie that will involve night work. Morelli has his own ideas regarding Stephanie's evening activities.

Thrills, chills, and incontinence may result. Top Books.I went with one of Morelli's T-shirts and a pair of his sweats. Hopefully, we'll find a way to get your mom out today. Logan and Hesh take down two Federation soldiers before Rorke shows himself on the screen and taunts Hesh, prompting Hesh to punch the screen, smashing it.

She's a plus-size black woman who likes to squash herself into too small clothes featuring animal print and spandex. Loretta has to pick him up from school because they won't let him on a school bus. And no one could keep a straight face at Morelli in khakis. We sat at his kitchen table, and between the three of us, we went through almost a loaf of bread and a bottle of fake maple syrup.

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