Awaken the Giant Within. Anthony Robbins. DREAMS OF DESTINY. 1. DECISIONS: THE PATHWAY TO POWER. THE FORCE THAT SHAPES YOUR LIFE. The glass castle: a memoir. Awaken the Giant Within Anthony Robbins DREAMS OF DESTINY 1. Anthony Robbins. Re-Awaken the Giant Within - site Web Services Not only does Awaken the Giant Within give you every tool of us to remember and.

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Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins. Presented by. Brian Yablon. Chapter 1: Dreams of Destiny. We all want to believe that we have a special gift to. Get your free e-book download courtesy of Tony Robbins. (Anthony Robbins). DISCLAIMER. All credit goes to Anthony Robbins and his book Awaken The Giant Within. All copyrights and trademarks are property of their.

The first of the three steps that Tony says is to raise your standards. By reading his approach to this fundamental concept of self-improvement, I realized that I was accepting so many things in my life that, if I would only raise my standards, would be so much improved.

From the standpoint of running a business, I began to see how many more people I could help, and in my personal life, too, I realized that I certainly could increase the time I spent with my family and also pursue other personal goals as well.

In fact, since I finished the book I have now gotten my spoken French to a much more fluent level and have even performed a short stand-up comedy bit to group of about fifty people.

One of the themes that Tony constantly teaches is that everything we do is for one of two reasons: I decided to apply that, and started on a weight loss program, too. Moreover, I had also moved towards a less healthy diet. I strongly suggest this book to everyone. Audible Audiobook Verified download. Did I just pay for full price for what should be considered a free sample?

I feel deceived and scammed.

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Life changing for me. I jokingly made a list of qualities I wanted in a person as well as a list of things I would not tolerate in someone. Tony suggests a much shorter list. But I was determined to get what I really wanted! By this time I had completely forgotten about the list. After dating for a couple of weeks, I remembered the list and I went back to read it. Not only was she was everything on the list, but I ended up adding 2 more things because of her.

I plan on reading this book again!

Audio CD Verified download. This is specifically for the Audiobook edition, The infomation provided is good, hearing it read by Tony gives you addition intensity to the work, but unfortunately, the Audiobook is Abridged, and shorter than I would have liked. It is a great companion to listen to in the car, but you also really need to get the book to get all the information. See all 1, reviews. site Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

Learn more about site Giveaway. This item: Awaken the Giant Within: Set up a giveaway. What other items do customers download after viewing this item? The Power of Habit: Charles Duhigg. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. How to Design the Life of Your Dreams. Tony Parker. Relationship Breakthrough: Summary of Awaken the Giant Within: There's a problem loading this menu right now.

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Get fast, free shipping with site Prime. Back to top. Get to Know Us. The assumption that they then make is that important changes must take a long time and be very difficult to make.

Willpower by itself is not enough— not if we want to achieve lasting change. Then, we have to condition our nervous systems to succeed not just once, but consistently. Why not make that instant now? You have to know where you want to be in order to point yourself in the right direction. Just remember: the more outrageous your approach to breaking a pattern, the more effective it will be.

What eventually leads to relapse for smoking, drugs, is usually a large amount of stress. Create a schedule to reinforce and reward your behavior. How can you feel good each time you get it right?

Awaken the Giant Within

Whatever pattern of behavior is constantly reinforced will become habit. Anything we fail to reinforce will dissipate. Reinforcement needs to happen immediately after the behavior occurs. Test it! Are you crystal clear on why you want this and how much better your life will be when you do it? You can change your physiology immediately just by changing your breathing. You can change your focus by deciding what to focus on, or the order of things you focus on, or how you do it.

You can change your submodalities. Start now to focus on the best.

My definition of success is to live your life in a way that causes you to feel tons of pleasure and very little pain— and because of your lifestyle, have the people around you feel a lot more pleasure than they do pain. Make room for it! Problem Solving Questions: What is great about this problem? What is not perfect yet? What am I willing to do to make it the way I want it?

What am I willing to no longer do to make it the way I want it? How can I enjoy the process while I do what is necessary to make it the way I want it? Find new empowering words to add to your regular vocabulary that can pump you up. How do you think that affects the way they treat people? Others look at business as a garden where every day you have to maintain and improve it so that eventually you will reap a reward. Still others see work as a chance to be with friends, to join a winning team.

As for me, I think of my businesses as families. This allows us to transform the quality of the connections we share with each other. Use words that empower and scratch those which are counterproductive. Check out some tips: Write down the words you frequently use to describe your negative emotions. For example: nervous, confused or depressed.

Create a list of creative alternatives to these words.

For example: disenchanted, intrigued, curious. New words should help you feel better. Decide that from now on you will use the new words whenever you face a negative situation. You will quickly begin to feel and act differently, and your thoughts will start to follow the new pattern of the new words. The important thing is always to choose new words that are constructive and that are not negative. Another important point is that the metaphors you use can stimulate or limit your life.

When you use a metaphor constantly, you automatically begin to assimilate its advantages and limitations.

Choose your metaphors carefully. You use a metaphor whenever you explain a principle in comparison to something else. Metaphors are a way of learning.

They provide a way to visualize unfamiliar concepts in familiar terms. By consciously using them, you can influence and shape your life experiences. Controlling Your Emotions To transform your life, you have to understand that each person creates their feelings, which are valuable resources. The most powerful emotions you can create are love, gratitude, curiosity, enthusiasm, determination, flexibility, confidence and joy.

Awaken the Giant Within - Winner Walking

To master your emotions and transform yourself, you need to be able to create these positive feelings. Some tips to create this type of emotion are: Recognize that your emotions are useful signs. So, feel grateful that your signal system works regularly. Try to find out why you feel this way. Are the motives for these emotions rational or unrealistic?

Look for the reasons you feel that way. Whenever you feel strong emotions, take a step back and ask yourself what you are feeling.

Simply clarifying your feelings will decrease the emotional intensity of negative emotions.

Develop self-confidence so that you can deal with your emotions today and in the future. Visualize a particular time from the past in which you felt the same way and managed to use that passion to achieve some accomplishment. Be enthusiastic and take a firm stance. Do something that proves that you are moving forward.

However, it is necessary to be clear about the goals and purposes sought. To reach this bright future, therefore, one must know how to define their targets and objectives. To create a goal, follow this plan: First, your goal should be clear, straightforward, and generous in detail.

Second, every goal must have a clear plan associated with it. This plan should have activities, dates, and everything that needs to happen for you to get there. Finally, you need to visualize this goal. Twice a day at least, stop and think about your goal, your plan, and get ideas on how to reach it faster. It is also important to focus on the journey and not just the goal. Take control of your thoughts and refuse to fight any bad emotion.

Create a day positivity plan and transform your life. You need to know that your current operating system, your way of thinking, has led you to your present accomplishments. To move to new levels, you need to change the operating system. Follow the following method for this: For ten consecutive days, refuse to have any useless thoughts or feelings.

When you start to feel negative about anything, ask yourself: Is there anything positive about this? How can I make this into something perfect? When you face a challenge, focus on the possible solutions instead of focusing on the problem. Think about how to turn that mishap into something positive.

If you are still having negative thoughts for an extended period, wait until the next day and begin again. The important thing is that you can spend ten days in a row having positive thoughts and emotions. Your Feelings Influence Your Attitudes If you want to modify anything in your life, you must change the way you act. Changing how you feel about the things that happen in your life is much more powerful because it will automatically change your way of acting.

So you have to understand the five elements that affect your feelings: The mental state in which you find yourself whenever you evaluate your inner feelings. The questions you ask as part of the thought process can influence the responses your brain gives you. Your values affect how you feel. You will always feel good when you are moving towards something that you value.

Your beliefs determine expectations and provide a basis for you to evaluate your thoughts. Your experiences serve to refine your values and beliefs and encourage you to move in new directions. Changing these five elements, or even just one of them, completely changes your way of thinking, feeling, and behaving. Your Values Guide Your Decisions Your values guide all your decisions and are responsible for your future achievements.

You must create a system of positive values to achieve lasting happiness. One mistake many people make is to spend a lot of time worrying about what they want to have in the future when, in fact, they should focus on how they are spending their lives now. Values can be both negative and positive.In fact, since I finished the book I have now gotten my spoken French to a much more fluent level and have even performed a short stand-up comedy bit to group of about fifty people.

Associating Pleasures With Good Habits Neuro-Associative Conditioning NAC is a process that associates intense desires with anything you wish to adopt and associates unbearable pain with anything you want to avoid. Consider the result you desire and the best strategy to get there. Is it possible someone could come on your side of the road and kill you?

We act consciously or unconsciously to do what we believe will please us or avoid suffering.

The process to change an opinion is simple. What does it take for you to feel you are excellent in any area of your life? Create a list of creative alternatives to these words. The Power of Habit:

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